Top 5 Dalat churches attract tourists

Blessed by nature with mild weather and beautiful scenery. Da Lat also owns many classic and old buildings. If you are a good news, you cannot ignore the churches of Da Lat with unique architecture and Western style. Churches are not just symbols of religion. The church is not just a place of worship for the sheep or a place where we go to hear the sermon. It is also a place for us to visit and satisfy our passion for architecture. Let's take a look at the top famous churches that are most visited by tourists.


1. Cathedral Church (Chicken Church)




Cathedral, locals often call it Chicken Church (because on the bell tower there is a lightning rod molded in the shape of a chicken). Having existed for more than 70 years, Con Ga church is a French architectural work that attracts a lot of tourists to visit when coming to the city of thousands of flowers. Con Ga Church started construction in 1931 and was completed in 1942. With Roman architecture, this place is one of the oldest surviving French architecture in Da Lat.



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The floor plan of the church is in the shape of a cross (like a cross). 65m long, 14m wide, 47m high bell tower. With that height, from the bell tower of the church can see every part of the city. The main door of the church faces Langbiang mountain.


The church was built in the style of the Roman Catholic churches in Europe. The interior of the cathedral consists of 3 compartments: 1 large space in the middle and 2 small compartments on either side. The cross-section of the work clearly shows the winding system in the form of an integer arc with the rolling series and the cradle arch system. The façade with the bell tower reaching high. The lines and details on the façade completely imitate the original European models. Windows have circular arches, strong and definitive lines, organized by vertical percentile, roofs with lithographic tiles, especially the ratio between blocks is very harmonious and tight.





Now, apart from the magnificence and splendor. The chicken church also wears a classic and timeless look. Coming to the church, you can visit the unique architecture or hold a ceremony. The church celebrates weekdays and Sundays.


Address: 15 Tran Phu, Ward 4, City. Da Lat, Lam Dong


2. Domaine de Marie Church




Domaine De Marie Church - The Domain of Notre Dame is located on Ngo Quyen Street. Only 1km southwest of Da Lat city center. The church was built over 10 hectares, in the European classical style in the seventeenth century. Combined with some Vietnamese folk architecture combined with split stone walls, unique architectural style of France. This is a unique architectural style than any other church in Da Lat, creating its own unmistakable character.



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Overview of the entire church including the chapel and two rows of convent houses. The vestibule is designed as an isosceles triangle. On the pointed top of the roof is a cross. The front is adorned with small lance shaped arched doors. In the center of the façade, near the top of the roof, there is a circular rose window. This detail often appears in French churches of the late seventeenth century.


The roof system is shaped like a communal house of ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands. The wall is built of split stone up to the window sill in the style of Normandy architecture (Northern France). The wall under the roof is quite thick and the doors are designed deep inside. Therefore, on the side of the building, you can clearly see the solid - hollow, dark - light and dark colors, making the side of the building even more impressive and unique.





Since its completion, until now, the church has only used dark pink lime to sweep the walls. In the sunlight, the church becomes bright and prominent, like a mysterious and magnificent part of fairy tales. legend.


The difference compared to the architecture of other churches in Da Lat is that there is no bell tower and the lighting system is made in a novel way by using eye-catching stained glass frames that create a unique feature for the church architecture.


Address: 1 Ngo Quyen, Ward 6, City. Da Lat, Lam Dong


3. Cam Ly Church




Located about 5km from the city center. Depart from Da Lat market to Cam Ly church. You follow Hoa Binh Street to get to February 3rd. From here you go about 500m, there is a roundabout, you turn right onto Hai Thuong Street to reach Tran Binh Trong. Then you just move to the end of the road to see your destination.


Gets its name from a waterfall in Da Lat. Cam Ly Church is also known as Son Cuoc Church or Go Church. This is the catholic church of the Vietnamese church, in Da Lat city, Lam Dong, Vietnam.





Cam Ly Church was built in 1959 and completed in 1967. From the idea of French priest Boutary about a common house of God and Yang. The creators of Cam Ly Church have shown cultural integration through architectural art when showing the worship of God integrated with the worship of Yang.




The unique feature of Cam Ly church is the stylized design from the Rong roof of the Central Highlands people. Harmoniously combined with the architecture of the South of France. The floor plan of the church is very simple, it is a rectangle with an area of 324m2. Of which 1/3 of the area is for the sanctuary, 2/3 of the area is for the parishioners to sit and attend Mass. Right in front of the main gate of the church is the image of a tiger and a phoenix, symbolizing wisdom and strength.








You will be impressed when you come here. Because the two roofs of the synagogue are like the blade of a tide, the steep slope is 17m high. The entire roof is made of 80,000 tiles, with a total weight of up to 90 tons. The design of the church is carefully calculated from the smallest details. The pillar part is up to 3m high, the size of each column is 20 x 50cm, which is closely linked to the roof support structure.


More than half a century has passed, Cam Ly Church still retains its pristine beauty like when it was first built. Coming here, you not only admire the beauty of the church, but also the beauty emanating from the hearts of the nuns and aunts who have taken care of and raised generations of poor ethnic children, also making your heart warm in one day. Da Lat afternoon.


Address: 11 Nguyen Khuyen, Ward 5, City. Da Lat, Lam Dong


4. Du Sinh Church




Du Sinh ancient church is one of the rare Asian spiritual architectural works of Christianity. Come to Da Lat, ask about Du Sinh Church, perhaps everyone knows. In the subconscious of the adults, this is the place of sacred activities and ceremonies of Northern residents in the late 20th century.





Du Sinh Church is hidden on a hill on Huyen Tran Cong Chua street of the city of thousand flowers. This ancient church was built by Father Thien Phong Buu Duong. The purpose was for parishioners who migrated from the North from 1955 to Christmas in 1957, when it was inaugurated. The bell tower was completed in 1962.




Du Sinh Church becomes even more special. Because this ancient church is the only church in Da Lat built in the Asian architectural style. With distinctive features such as curved roof towers and many patterns. Close to the Vietnamese people but very fancy and attractive to foreign tourists.


The columns around the church are also decorated in the form of bamboo, bamboo trees with bible verses in Nom script. The diameter of these giant bamboo trees is up to 40cm. The four pillars of the bell tower and the main columns of Du Sinh church are made of wood. Carved with patterns familiar to Vietnamese people. The dragon-shaped railing running along the steps from the foothills to the cathedral further confirms the Asian identity in the architecture and at the same time brings majesty and sacredness to the church.





Currently, Co Du Sinh church has deteriorated much and is being planned to be restored and rebuilt. But still maintain the original unique architecture. However, this is still a tourist attraction that attracts a lot of foreign tourists to Da Lat and tourists who are interested in ancient architectural culture.


Address: 12B Huyen Tran Cong Chua, Ward 5, City. Da Lat, Lam Dong


5. Holy Mother Church




On Xo Viet Nghe Tinh road in the direction of Lang Biang mountain. At intersection 6 turn right. You will easily see a picture of a church on a high hill. Surrounded by gardeners growing flowers, vegetables, and strawberries. It is the Holy Mother Church, which is still beautiful and majestic after half a century.


Da Lat's Holy Mother Church was established in 1964 and was renovated and repaired until 1987 to have the appearance it is today.






The church is a solid, solid construction built with a total area of more than 1200 m2. Located on a high hillside, bearing in itself the characteristics of ancient Western architecture. This makes the work even more prominent in the midst of the green background of the immense mountains, in the middle of the clear, high sky.


The architecture is not too sophisticated. The style combines the soft and rounded lines of Gothic architecture. It has sharp angles and pointed roofs according to the architecture of the Central Highlands. Looking from the front of the church, we can easily recognize the three peaks representing the three peaks of Langbiang mountain, and the highest peak is also the bell tower of the church.




No cumbersome decorative details. Dalat's Holy Mother Church is marked with a light, fresh pink color, with the highlight of the soaring bell tower. Each detail, though simple, has a distinct charm. It is for that reason that tourists, especially young people, when visiting this place, are always immersed in impressive "check-in" pictures.


Address: Thanh Mau, Ward 7, City. Da Lat, Lam Dong


Above are the famous churches in Da Lat. It is a destination not to be missed by Catholics. The unique, new and unique architecture, the combination of classical features with a modern Western direction will surely make you admire when visiting these churches.


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