The famous craft of knitting and crocheting in Da Lat

Da Lat has long been famous as a famous tourist destination because of its majestic natural scenery, many beautiful scenes, and a chilly atmosphere suitable for enjoying and relaxing. Also today Artis Hotel Da Lat I also want to mention to you another traditional beauty of the people of the cold country that surely everyone knows that is "Craft knitting", with Artis learn in detail about the beauty of labor as well as the typical traditions of this job!



Da Lat handmade knitting and crocheting art

You can see pictures of people at Da Lat appeared next to crochet tools, images of knitting merchants in their shops, images of old people and children with skillful hands hooking up on the sidewalks of villages, ... Knitting in Da Lat seems to be a daily activity that everyone must know, this image you can easily see in this place.


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Hand knitting

The reason for this traditional beauty is also Da Lat As a place with a temperate climate, the day will be cool all year round, a bit chilly but when the evening comes, the dew drops and becomes bone-chilling, that's why the craft of knitting to keep warm also comes from. from that.



Hand knitting

Knitting appeared quite early as an instinct to fight the cold climate here, initially just as clothes to keep warm such as: wool hat, sweater, scarves, gloves, etc. But the craft of knitting and crocheting by hand has continued to the present with development of other woolen items such as bags, keychain, souvenir



Souvenir keychains made of wool

With a variety of colorful items sold everywhere such as: markets, woolen stores, grocery stores, sidewalks, etc. You will see the smooth wrinkles of skillful hands without looking down. It seems that this is also an overtime job, a side job for passion as well as additional income for other life needs.


You can immediately visit these addresses to buy handmade knitting products at Da Lat: Da Lat New Market (Da Lat Center), Hades Night Market, Domaine De Marie Church, Spring Queen Da Lat Sweater, Da Lat Co Ngoc sweater, Workshop specializes in wholesale and retail of sweaters in Dalat



Da Lat woolen shop

Tourists coming to Da Lat You will surely be mesmerized by the colorful woolen stalls, and especially these woolen items are meticulously made and fashionable, which any age or gender can wear. but the price is very affordable. In addition, you can also choose these products as souvenirs and gifts for relatives and friends to remind you of good memories with Da Lat.



Tourists visit to buy woolen clothes in Da Lat



Fashionable woolen clothes

Students and guests residing in small provinces when coming to Da Lat can also work part-time for this job, although the income is not too high, it is guaranteed that when you try it, you will be addicted. Light work, convenient to carry, carried out everywhere.
Today, with the continuous development of the industry, traditional knitting is still the first choice of residents as well as tourists in Da Lat, you will feel the beauty is very humane but full of art. in the cold country of Vietnam there.



Handmade knitting products

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